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Greetings and welcome to The Real Art Studio! 

My aim is to encourage creativity in everyone and particularly for people like me, with Parkinson’s.

Being creative and working with all sorts of media from paints and inks to wood and fabrics can be both exciting and challenging for anyone, and can really be good for people with Parkinson’s; you’ll enjoy playing with colours and design and finding an art, sewing or craft project that suits your abilities, all of which will help with coordination, concentration and gives a feeling of well being but best of all is fun!

Until my classes can resume - good luck with your art, sewing and craft projects, Here are a few ideas for you to try:

- Painting: either freestyle or by numbers (try acrylic paints or inks)

- Colouring Books: using wax crayons, pencils or felt pens)

- Sewing Kits: where you are supplied with a pattern and fabric (Check out June Taylor Sewing Kits - there many demo videos on YouTube that may help if you get stuck!)

- Decoupage: you’ll need PVA glus and paper strong enough to glue; you can cover old furniture, wooden boxes, inside draws and much more; again check out YouTube for some ideas and how to... videos.


Also check out Art and Craft online shops and websites for inspirations and resources - don’t be afraid to use projects designed for children - after all, why should they have all the fun?!  

Good luck and have fun!


Gallery of paintings (alcohol & inks)


An example of a few of our early home sewing projects...


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